Saturday, 21 June 2008

The Good, The Bad and The Cinematic: The Bone Collector

Actually, this isn't about The Bone Collector at all - though that would have made a suitable enough alternative title for 'Teeth', I think. I tried that joke out with my friends as we left the cinema post-film. There were less than impressed, which fortunately was not similar to the response the film received.

You see, for a film that is essentially about a girl with a vagina that bites back, Teeth is fun, witty and overall far more intelligent than it has any right to be. Mitchell Lichtenstein (son of that other famous one) directs with a typically indie-film flair. Some shots are a treat to watch, the bath scene being one, many of the power station shots also catching the eye. The script is witty without veering into smarmy, and the lead character (wonderfully set up as Chastity Champion of her school) becomes more and more likeable throughout the film.

But the key is that Teeth never takes itself to seriously. Or even that seriously at all. It's fun, foolish and occasionally squelchy, which ironically sort of sums up sex without the teeth, so Lichtenstein did a fine job there.


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