Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Facebook Band Group Analysis: Gym Class Heroes

New feature time! The aim of Facebook Band Group Analysis is to reinforce my beliefs about my favourite, and least favourite bands by looking at what Facebook groups are available, fan or otherwise. I'm hoping I'll find that most people are sensible, and like the bands I like, and hate the bands I hate. Somehow, I feel it won't work that simply. My first focus group, so to speak, are Gym Class Heroes, who I recently claimed in print to be my least favourite band of all time. I stick by that, too. Let the experiment begin:

Exhibit A: 'Gym Class Heroes'
Apparently the 'official' Facebook group for the band, though I'm not entirely sure an international hip-hop group would entrust that honour to a bloke called Darren from Kent State University, Ohio. Just sayin'. Still, with a group membership of over 2,250 people, I'm more concerned for those involved than over the legitimacy of their claims.

Exhibit B: 'Bring Gym Class Heroes to Booker T. Washington High School'
I'm only hoping that due to group name length restrictions Facebook had to cut off 'so that we can gas them in the gym.' Somehow I reckon that the only reason for there to be 110 members to this group is that they all live on the exact opposite side of the world from Booker T. Washington High, and are aiming to keep the band as far away from them as possible.

Exhibit C: 'Gym Class Heroes Stole From Supertramp'
Huzzah! This group has the right idea, extolling the gospel of Supertramp over the gobshite of GCH. The amount of friends who thought 'Cupid's Chokehold' was an original song still depresses me now. It's a shame that only 136 people are on my side here.

Exhibit D: 'Friends Don't Let Friends Listen To Gym Class Heroes'
'This group is dedicated to having interventions with every friend, relative and passer-by you hear playing Gym Class Heroes'. That's a mission statement I can get behind. I may even donate some money to the cause...

Honourable mentions:
'Gym Class Heroes - They're The Reasons For Your Lesions' (actually a pro-GCHs group. Curious)
'Hey Gym Class Heroes, Supertramp wants their song back!'
''Gym Class Heroes - Clothes Off' has raped the original.'
'Lil Chris is a song stealer - Gym Class Heroes are 100% better' (I'll let you work out why I'm pissing myself laughing at that one...)


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