Sunday, 10 February 2008

Further news of the Fantastic 6!

Today my favourite new band of 2008 (first reported on back in November by me, just sayin'...) reached Nottingham. That's the lovely, if blurred, city centre that you can see above. The big wheel is only temporary and I'm going on it tomorrow! Believe me, the little-boy-who-never-got-to-go-to-the-fair inside of me is wetting himself with glee. But that's a different, and slightly concerning, thing.

Alphabeat dropped by our fair city in order to support Palladium at the Bodega Social Club. And I had tickets! Huzzah. In truth, I left before Palladium came on (my friend and I hadn't eaten and felt peckish), but we were more than pleased with Alphabeat's six-song set.

Frankly speaking, they are the best thing to happen to pop music since The Jackson 5. I'm not even kidding. Their sound is lost somewhere between Wham! on acid and S Club 7. On acid. And live, this all just overwhelms. Imagine the musical equivalent of going to the circus when you were a kid, only to find you have seats next to Santa Claus. Yeah, something like that.

mp3: 'Fascination' by Alphabeat
mp3: 'Fantastic 6 [Fitzmaurice Remix]' by Alphabeat

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