Monday, 26 November 2007

Fascination is the best word for them.

Alphabeat are gonna be huge. Just you wait, and just you see. This is a band who sound like an orgy between Disney, The Go! Team, The New Pornographers and Abba. This is a band who know what fun means, but only because they defined it in the first place. Hailing from Denmark, Alphabeat just go to prove that if you want great pop music then Scandinavia remains your best bet. I think there's really only so far that words will take you with a song as fantastic as this - it's explosive with personality and excitement, and thus far 2007 has not provided a better song. Strong words, I know, especially in late November. Grab it now, and you'll be driving the bandwagon that all your friends will be jumping on soon. Trust me.

mp3: 'Fascination' by Alphabeat

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