Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Cuban walls and ticking clocks...

I was shopping for clothes the other day in H&M - this is of no real surprise, approximately 70% of my clothes and 100% of my socks come from this one store - and as usual was enjoying the background music on offer. Often I will find myself the lone appreciator of Zero 7 or even, once, Brendan Benson. This one day I found what was clearly Coldplay's fantastic single 'Clocks', albeit with a distinctive latino feel to it. My mind made one jump after another and quickly worked out the source of the music. A while ago I stumbled across a member of The Buena Vista Social Club working with Franz Ferdinand as part of an album that fell along similar themes - the fantastic Cuban collective taking on a more western sound. I immediately headed up to my favourite store in Nottingham - Fopp - and tracked down said album, ignoring the seven pound price and buying it nonetheless. That afternoon I sat down and fell in love with it. Bands I love (Coldplay, U2) were given a new kick with the Cuban feel and bands I wouldn't normally worry about, but somehow still own albums by (Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs, Dido, Maroon 5) were all made bearable again. No, more than that - enjoyable. And as such, please do download the two tracks below, and if you like them I insist you buy the album - every track is fun and flawless.

mp3: 'Clocks' by Coldplay (with members of The Buena Vista Social Club)
mp3: 'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For' by U2 (with Coco Freeman)

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