Thursday, 24 January 2008

Bringing Down The Krankenhaus

After the triumph that was last year's Krankenhaus EP, and the release of new album Do You Like Rock Music? (answer: yes, if it all sounds like this), British Sea Power reached Nottingham in the midst of their January tour, and impressed as I have been of late by the band's soaring music, I found myself in Rescue Rooms on Tuesday night, thoroughly enjoying myself.

Why? Because it turns out British Sea Power are very good at every aspect of being a band, live and otherwise. The set spanned three albums worth, and covered almost all of my favourite tracks (neglecting to play, unsurprisingly, nine-minute epic 'The Pelican'). Please Stand Up, the best track from sophmore effort Open Season was fantastic, as was Atom, the song which opened the Krankenhaus EP and featured again on the new album.

The band were excitable, to say the least, with Noble performing his traditional scallywaggery, scaling the balcony of Rescue Rooms, throwing himself into the crowd halfway out of the venue and riding one crowdmember piggy-back style to the front again. Now that - that's rock and roll.

mp3: 'The Pelican' by British Sea Power

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