Thursday, 8 November 2007

Great British Films #1

It's hard to describe the joy I experienced whilst watching Atonement in the cinema this summer. There was no logical reason for it to be good. It shared a director and star with Pride & Prejudice, arguably the most boring film ever (since Gosford Park, at least, and I don't suppose I should blame them, so much as that Austen chick). Anyway, it turned out that Atonement is a ruddy great film, and both director and cast do justice to the minor deity of genius that is Ian McEwan. Which was nice, cos Enduring Love really sucked tittyboobs. Yup. I went there.

Anyway, one of the most striking scenes in a five minute tracking shot along Dunkirk's beach, unbroken and unedited. It's stunning, and frankly breathtaking. And, as with all good films, it would lose so much of its emotional toll were the score to be taken away. Listening to this piece of music is an experience in itself. Around a minute in a choir of 'soldiers' seeps into the mix, which marks the greatest piece of cinematic use of music this year for me - a feat not easy to attain when one considers the release of films such as The Painted Veil in the last 11 months.

mp3: 'Elegy For Dunkirk' by Jean-Yves Thibaudet

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