Wednesday, 2 May 2007

The Humpday 5 V1.0

I've never been one for rap of any variety. I'm far to middle class. I think in my entire musically-aware lifetime I've only ever liked a few songs by The Streets and one Kanye West. And even they were iffy. So when my regular hangout GvB put up this track, featuring one of my favourite bands, Final Fantasy, I was weary, to say the least. Rap doesn't work for me when it's just rap. Rap with strings seems even more questionable. Turns out that the song is awesome though (and I wouldn't use the word awesome lightly, were it not for the fact I've been writing a theology essay about God's power all afternoon). So, this Humpday, enjoy some rap. I did.

"Running Up That Hill" by Placebo
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Again a song to break the mould of me here. Not only does Brian Molko's voice almost always drive me to insanity, but Kate Bush is, at least for me, the worst musician ever to play music that a vast amount of the population inexplicably enjoy. I know it's controversial, but Bush's voice ruins everything good about music. And this is from a Joanna Newsom fan! Still, by some miracle Placebo hit it right on here, and without Bush's wail the lyrics are, needless to say really, fantastic.

"(I Wanna Have Your) Babies" by Natasha Bedingfield
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I secretly would rather like Natasha Bedingfield to marry me. She's rather pretty, is a lovely Christian and despite being a bit older than me, isn't at all near needing a colostomy bag. That - that's good to know. So, if you're reading Natasha, you can have my babies. They're thirty quid a pop.

"Our Velocity" by Maximo Park
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A slowly-building mini epic, is 'Our Velocity', and a competitor for track of the year, I tell thee. By the time the lyrics come: 'Love is lie which means I've been lied to/Love is a lie which means I've been lying too/Love is a lie which means I've been lied to/Love is a lie' you will be so close to jumping up and down on your bed you'll wonder if you're actually turning into a fourteen year old girl in a chick flick.

"Indian Summer" by Manic Street Preachers
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I'm off to Glastonbury this year, something to which I am getting increasingly excited about. Knowing these guys and this song woll be there, well, it warms my heart it does. I've been listening a lot to this due to its prominence in a new CD I've made. It's a grower...

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