Monday, 30 April 2007

There's No More Honey From This Bee

"The Count Of Monte Christo" by The Noisettes
from "What's The Time Mr. Wolf?" (2007)

One of my friends' bands were lucky enough earlier this year to support The Noisettes and Foals at a local gig they were doing (incidentally, keep an eye out for Videosprint). At the time I was up here at university, about one hundred and fifty miles away, so I can be forgiven for missing out. That said, I hear songs like this and I struggle to forgive myself. Though this is not their best song (the sublime and strangely inspiring "Scratch Your Name") it gives the title a run for it's money. Unlike other songs by the band, Monte Christo appears to have a country inspiration, and sounds not unlike a hardcore KT Tunstall. The sum of its parts is a righ' rollicking pop song. I like.

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