Thursday, 3 May 2007

What I'd Be Without You

"God Only Knows" by Mandy Moore and Michael Stipe
from 'Saved! Original Soundtrack' (2004)

I rather like Mandy Moore. To the extent where if I were placed in a room alone with her I would hide away in the furthest away corner and giggle shyly to myself whilst watching her stare at me, disturbed. It started ever so innocently, when she appeared as a love interest for Zach Braff (hero, mentor, fantastic hair) on Scrubs, and was possibly the most likeable special guest ever to grace the show. Then I heard the above song, from the (sub-par) film Saved! Whilst not a collaboration one might ever concoct even in the deepest depths of their subconcious, Michael Stipe and Ms. Moore work well together. Stipe's unmistakable voice is, as always, perfect in its imperfections. Moore's voice is perfect to a flaw, pushing herself almost into the unnecessary wails of Pop Idol and X-Factor contestants. Somehow, it works. Somehow. Not that that somehow matters - it's Mandy Moore, and she's lovely.

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