Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Back again, naturally

I'm back again. How lovely of me. Had a little Easter holiday, that in reality consisted of far more work than if I was at university. Oh well. I had plenty of treats awaiting me on my return, including this gem. I'll be posting plenty over the next few days, a little bit on Stars And Sons, reviews of the Sia, Elbow and Alphabeat gigs I've been to in the last week and a half, and reviews of 27 Dresses and whichever other films I see this week - Drillbit Taylor and Flashbacks of a Fool are the best bets.

Until then, enjoy a country hit from Snoop Dogg - one of my top 25 things about the Starsky and Hutch remake. Or something. Anyway, I can't hold anything against a man who namedrops the Man In Black as a 'true American gangsta'.

mp3: 'My Medicine' by Snoop Dogg

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