Friday, 18 April 2008

An alternative to loving Brendan Benson...

I've missed Brendan Benson over the last few years. Every now and again I find an artist I have not come across before, like I did with Benson just prior to the release of his third album in 2004, and no sooner than I find them do they stop making music. It's terribly frustrating, and the only real relief is knowing that it's a rare occurrence. For a few months back in the summer of '04, I referred to Benson's single 'Metarie', from sophmore album 'Lapalco' as one of my top five songs of all-time. Whilst the track has now dropped to a still respectable top ten position, more than ever am I appreciating his work with each listen.

And so, it would seem, is everyone else. It is, after all, no secret the Benson co-fronts The Raconteurs with old chum Jack White. The only secret these days would seem to be that Benson had a fantastic collection of songs prior to his later band efforts. As it happens, The Raconteurs newest album, which I finally bought a few days ago, is as fantastic as much of Benson's work. The sound is far more raw than albums like Lapalco and the pure-production of The Alternative To Love, but has a cleaner, more focused edge than that of The Raconteurs' debut, Broken Boy Soldiers. I suppose, since the demo Benson released last year came to nothing, that for now The Raconteurs will do.

mp3: 'Feel Like Taking You Home (Demo)' - Brendan Benson
mp3: 'Many Shades of Black' - The Raconteurs


Anonymous said...

could you possibly repost 'feel like taking you home now' i love that song!

Anonymous said...

could you please repost "feel like taking home" i love that song and cant find it anywhere thank you