Tuesday, 20 January 2009

A New Day Dawning

Norman Cook seems, by now, to have had more musical modes and eras than Madonna. He started in The Housemartins, spent a fair portion of his life as Fatboy Slim, and has played around with Beats International and Freak Power in between. Now he's started up a little project by the name of The BPA (which is short for The Brighton Port Authority, so yer knows). Personally, this looks to be his best project yet - signing up names from Iggy Pop to Dizzee Rascal for singing duties on finely-tuned pop songs. The best so far features TFSS favourite Emmy the Great. 'Seattle' is a cheerful pop song that can't help but get stuck in my head every ruddy time I give it a listen. The chorus is infectious - 'There's a new day dawning/every single morning in America'. It was, once again, ringing through my head as I watched Obama get inaugurated this afternoon. It does seem suitable, and so I'll drop it here for you all to enjoy.

Incidentally, the woman above is neither Emmy the Great nor Norman Cook. She is, I am fairly sure, also not Barack Obama. Still, the picture seems to be one of the only promo pics available for The BPA. And that's reason enough for Stephen...

mp3: 'Seattle (feat. Emmy the Great)' - The BPA

Much apologies for recent lack of posting - My laptop has been hit by a virus I just can't seem to shake. Such is life...

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