Monday, 29 December 2008

The Ten Logical Reasons Why I Haven't Yet Watched Transformers

1. Did you see the logo?

2. Michael Bay, the cinema god behind Pearl Harbour and Armageddon.

3. Shia the Beef. I refuse, by the way, to refer to anyone by their real name when it essentially refers purely to a meat product. Especially when they are one of the least worthwhile things to come to Hollywood since Nicholas Cage.

4. It features robots. That transform.

5. It's a remake of a Japanese cartoon series. That was turned into a TV series.

6. At least Iron Man had Robert Downey Jr. in it.

7. I'm for substance over visual pap.

8. Those robots? That transform? They're at war.

9. I mean, seriously...

10. Why?

And of course, the one overruling reason that explains why I'm watching it right now:
I'm bored, and it was either this or Employee Of The Month.

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